A Fascinating Thread Through Space and Time:

The Teachings of Thoth, The Book Of Balance and Of Harmony, And The Modern Quantum Theory.

Translation by Georgia Louise Snelgrove

What do “The Kybalion” attributed to the teachings of the Egyptian god Thoth, the “Judgements” of the Book of Balance and Harmony, compiled by Li Daoqu (heir of Tao Te Ching, I Ching and Zhuangzi), Taoist philosopher, and an excerpt of the book “The Quantum Self” by Danah Zohar all have in common? Obviously they are three texts written in different historical periods, as well as in different geographical locations. However, all three present a common denominator: in essence, we are energy, we are vibration, we are waves, as well as having a form (a body) and being made up of miniscule particles.

Hermes, Dyehuty, Thoth

Hermes, Dyehuty, Thoth

In this historical vision, I begin with Thoth, in Egyptian Djehuty, the lunar deity, god of wisdom, writing and of magic. Patron of the scribes, the arts and science, he was the heavenly scribe of the Book of Life, in which he wrote down the thoughts, words and deeds of the men in the ceremony of the Judgment of the deceased. The Greeks identified him as Hermes, also known as Hermes Trismegisto, the thrice great, and from which the hermetic laws emanated.

The records of Thoth recede to the mythical times of the mysterious land of Khemt. In the Myth of Creation according to the Cosmology of Hermopolis of the primordial egg, the divine creator arises which, in turn, creates the world. Egypt was governed by primal gods (in different versions depending on the territory), it was the cradle of great knowledge and mysteries that began to spread across the globe, although this great unfolding of Ancient Egypt is not always taken into account. Some scholars in this topic believe that the Egyptian naval fleets (ships made from papyrus) reached the very same Polynesia, as can be seen by some linguistic parallels, such as the terms Ra (sun, source of life energy, a term that is common throughout Polynesia) or Aku-Aku in pascuense and Akh in Ancient Egyptian (enlightened spirit).

Great knowledge that is kept in the great library of Alexandria were lost due to prior destruction, however, we can read this powerful hermetic knowledge in fragments that have survived throughout several millennia. In the Kybalion, we can read:

Nothing is still, everything moves, everything vibrates” Everything is in motion and has a frequency of vibration. –According to quantum physics, this is absolutely true, because we know that every moving particle has an associated wavelength and a frequency of vibration, according to the De Broglie relation. Also, every subatomic particle is in continuous motion, even is we direct our sight towards the fluctuant sea of vertical particles of the Zero-Point Field, there is a frantic dance of these tiny beings that populate the ether. This is where the different frequencies of vibration would come into play, in charge of there being a very notable energetic density in a tiny portion of this quantum ether.

We know that matter can be created from the very light that decreases its frequency of vibration, as verified in 1932 in an experiment by Carl Anderson, in which, by trapping a photon of gamma light ad making it pass through a chamber of liquid hydrogen, it literally “changes” into a pair of particles (an electron and its antiparticle, the positron). By transferring energy to the hydrogen nuclei of the chamber, it looses energy, decreasing its frequency. In this sense, the matter can be considered as dense light.

Salvador Dali was passionate about these processes at a subatomic level and, through some of his paintings; he embodied these magical dynamics of the creation and destruction of matter, imagining the atoms as lumps of matter-energy floating through space. The author of the Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra, compared these “quantum fluctuations” with the Dance of Shiva, which symbolizes the eternal rhythm of the life of creation and destruction, of death and rebirth.

Turning now towards Ancient China, in the Judgements of the Book of Balance and Harmony, it is issued:

All beings are form and are energy. Form and energy are spirit. Spirit is complete openness.

According to the hermetic laws, the spirit is the state of maximum vibration. As the frequency diminishes, the subtle becomes dense; the energy condenses itself into matter. The process of inner wisdom consists in submerging the spirit into the mind and summoning the energy in the body. This would consist in increasing the state of vibration, in being calm and in complete openness, flowing with the rhythms of the universe and of life. Transmuting matter into light. This is really a powerful inner alchemy.

According to Einstein’s formula of matter-energy equivalence, if we are capable of creating energy by the fission of an atom, could we not create more coherent light in our body simply by properly organising our inner chemistry positive thinking and with good willingness? We know that cells have a coherent field of light, the bio-photonic field, which is responsible for mitosis and cellular communication.

Biological mechanisms such as photosynthesis, neuronal processes, enzymatic reactions, etc. all share quantum characteristics. More and more articles are brought to light in this line of research. As Danah Zohar states in The Quantum Self, our consciousness is the relation between elemental particles written in bold letters, the consciousness is the phenomenon of quantum waves. Mind and Body would be the reflection of the wave-particle duality that characterises all quantum beings. Within our brain, process of quantum coherence take place, that gives way to the existence of multiple states at the same time, as well as the instantaneous interconnectivity in vast regions of the brain. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.
There is a very profound wisdom scattered throughout history and throughout the lands geography, at times sinking its roots in mythical times, almost forgotten however recovered thanks to some fragment or roll of papyrus, others that remain in the deep memory of the ancestors, or others that have often been recovered thanks to a spark of intuition from a scientist to discover the mysteries of existence itself.

According to Zhuangzi, one must merge with the Law of the universal unit, as the universe is the unit of all things and he who reaches this unit and identifies themself with it holds an unbreakable inner peace.

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