quantum revolution

International Congress of Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

‘Congreso Internacional de Terapia Craneosacral Biodinámica’

Presentation by M. Teresa Versyp

7 October 2012 Sitges (Spain)

Transcript of talk given in Spanish, translated into English by Miguel Iribarren

Special acknowledgement to Najma Ahern for this transcript



I will give a talk about the Quantum Paradigm – a new vision of reality.

There is more and more talk about quantum physics, not only in university circles, in recent technology, in energy medicine, but also in conversations with our friends and partners.

What is quantum physics?

Quantum physics is the physics that studies and explains phenomena happening in the atomic and sub-atomic world. But even though it may seem a very difficult branch of science, very far away from daily reality, it is the basis of a lot of present day technology. For instance laser technology, super-conductivity, diodes and transistors, a generation of nuclear energy, not to mention the promising future of quantum computing. But I won’t talk about all of these applications – that will be some other day. But I will talk to you today about the quantum universe as a point of joining matter and awareness or consciousness, establishing a new point of union between mind and body.

So the quantum level is the energetic dimension of the universe where the microcosm and the macrocosm get together. This is just an introduction because this is what I will be able to explain in today’s presentation.

When did quantum physics begin?

The adventure in this field begins in the 1900’s, beginning with Max Planck with thermal radiation of many objects. He came to realize that this radiation did not happen continuously, but like in small packets of energy. Five years later, Albert Einstein amplifies this concept to all types of electromagnetic radiation, and says that all types of light are made up of these small units of energy. These small amounts of energy are called quanta. From there comes the name quantum physics. This is interesting because at the beginning of this century the two most interesting theories that we have come up with were made around this time.  On the one side quantum physics and on the other side the theory of relativity by Einstein, that somehow changed the concept of space and time that had been prevalent up to that point. As for instance, time is not the same for an observer that is still in relation to an observer who is in movement. – that is, travelling in space, and also that the length of an object contracts. But I won’t talk about relativity today, even though it could be very interesting. Today, we will do quantum physics, the theory created by these wonderful researchers at the beginning of the 20th century.

What shall we do today, what is the adventure today?

First of all quantum physics introduces us to the wonders of the microscopic universe, and proposes a new way to understand matter and vibration. And this assessment of matter and vibration are two aspects of one essence. This was said yesterday during the conference. But today I will explain it in a more quantum way. And also quantum physics is the work of absurdity where contradictions appear to happen naturally. And we see this today by examining its laws and principles. I am going a bit further – quantum physics allows us also to study the bigger world of stars and galaxies, because it also completes the theories of the origins of the universe. And if we go on, we see that some of the mechanisms that have to do with life share some of the characteristics of quantum physics, such as the emission of cell light which is the basis of energy medicine. Just as the basis of awareness can be studied as a coherent quantum state, there are other mechanisms that can be explained about in quantum physics (but I won’t talk about them today) such as the transmission of neurons, photosynthesis, and how the birds orient themselves in their migration.

And all of this takes us to the quantum paradigm where we have a new vision of oneself and the universe, where we are not only observers, but also we participate in this quantum reality. And also our adventure will take us to the energy dimension of the human being. In fact this is not new. For many thousands of years oriental authors have talked about our energy body and its holographic nature.

Lets go step-by-step getting into what is the work of particles. And we are going rather fast. We see that the human body is made out of many cells, many molecules, many atoms – approximately 7 times one plus 27 zeros (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). So it is a universe of cells, and all of them talk to each other. Isn’t it wonderful?

Lets go on. So we come to the structure of the atom and as you all know, there are the electrons around the nucleus, and within the nucleus we have protons and neutrons. Protons have a positive charge and neutrons have no electric charge. But you already know that. In 1932 we had the final structure of the atom similar to the planets going around the sun. (But you already know that also – laughter.) Let’s go on with our adventure. So we need a bigger microscope to go further into the deeper structure of matter. [Slide] Do you know this? It is the CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland. (CERN – Wikipedia) It is a laboratory to study particles – it is the biggest one, most powerful one in the world – and also it is very much in fashion now – many people talk about it, because it was the main theme of the movie “Angels and Demons” performed by Tom Hanks, where antimatter is taken away from the CERN, and it was also talked about last September when neutrinos that were going faster than light were detected. A few months later this news was denied. We do not know why. Because that would mean we would have to change the theory of relativity by Einstein, so we leave it here.

Lately it seems like Higgs Boson has been discovered and has been explained this last month of July. But then there are some more tests and trials to be made. So there are many things around these terms, but I will talk about the specifics that we are interested in today. What is interesting is Large Hadron Collider (Large_Hadron_Collider – Wikipedia) –it is a gigantic circle 27 kilometres long, and it is 100 metres underground and there you take the subatomic particles, such as ions and protons, and they make them go around at very high speeds, close to the speed of light. And for that you need very powerful electric and magnetic fields – they don’t want to talk about this either. The point is what are they trying to do there? So first thing, is they want to reproduce the origins of the universe, because they get such a high level of energy they can compare it to almost right after the creation of the universe. It is almost the same moment of the big bang. This is a very high level of energy. The level of energy there now is measured as 7 Teraelectron volts – the highest level of energy ever made in the planet. And for the year 2014 they will double this level of energy.

There is a field of questions they are trying to answer at the CERN. What is made of that is 96% of our universe? This may seem absurd now but I will talk about it later. Why is there very little anti-matter in the universe? Are there supersymmetric particles and other kinds of particles that we have not been detected yet? Are there additional dimensions that have not been detected? Because there seems to be seven additional spatial dimensions around us that are totally invisible. They even talk about the possibility of exploring these additional dimensions in future years and to be able to travel through the cosmos, controlling gravity, generating new sources of energy, and they even talk about a secret project of travelling in time. But this is very secret obviously. [Laughter] But they have much more mundane applications like MRI scans and the Positron Emission Tomography [problem with translation – laughter] And thanks to this experiment they have this long list of particles that you can see in my book. As you notice there are two columns – on one side there is matter and the other side there is antimatter. Physics says that for every particle there is one antiparticle. As we can see in this experiment – it was wonderful, marvelous. Why? It was in 1932, by Karl David Anderson, he did the following experiment: He took a very high energy level photon, gamma ray, and he made it go through a camera of liquid hydrogen, and what he sees is that suddenly this photon (light) disappears, and suddenly two new particles are born. So these two new particles are materialized – one is an electron, and the other is a positron – it is the anti-particle of the electron. So that was the first time they would see antimatter in action. There is more here. So the thing is, when light diminishes the level of vibration, suddenly it becomes matter. There is a process of creation there.  We have a system of bioreturn here. We could say that matter is frozen light, and we could do the experiment the other way around. When a particle and an antiparticle meet together, they collide then disappear in a big ray of light. That is what Stephen Hawking says in his book. He says when you meet your anti-self, don’t shake hands because you will disappear in a big ray of light. These magical processes have inspired many authors such as Fritjof Capra in the Tao of Physics, or for instance Salvador Dali in his pictures where he drew the atoms as pieces of matter and energy floating in space. So we could say with all certainty that we are beings of light. What’s more, we are multidimensional beings of light with infinite potential, infinitely creating, but that is for another time.

But we will go on. We are beings of light – that is correct. So up to the moment we know the atom is made by a nucleus, which is made by protons and neutrons and there is the cover made by electrons. But in the second half of the 20th century they discovered there is a sub-structure to matter, in such a way that now we know that protons are made by three quarks, and neutrons also are made of three quarks. You have to know that there are three different kinds of quarks and they have three different flavours.

So we have to retain this idea that everything in the universe is made out of these basic building blocks, and with these building blocks we can build any matter we want in the universe. One more thing, within the structure of the atom, and this was discovered thanks to the Niels Bohr model, and this is very interesting for all of you practicing energy medicine – I will explain why briefly. We know that electrons are not running the same orbit around the nucleus of the atoms – they can have different levels of energy. As you can see the level that is closest to the nucleus has the least energy, and the outer ones are more energetic. Now we know that electrons in an organism are continuously capturing photons or particles of information from their surroundings. They are taking the photons and also sending them out. These information particles are precisely the ones that come from any factor of energy medicine, for instance, in a session of chromo therapy or homeopathic medicine where there is no molecule present, but it is working through frequencies, and these frequencies are being absorbed by the electrons in our organism and these provoke a quantum leap in the atom. Even a thought is a virtual particle of information – the thought can be captured by the electron and so it energises our organism. So this is a basic process to be able to explain how our energy therapy works. But there are many more things to be said.

Up to now we have seen the corpuscular model of the atom. Now we will see the atom as a vibration – the vibratory model of the atom. Because we are both matter AND vibration, two poles of the same thing, as day and night, the ying and yang, and so on. Here we have the model of Erwin Schrödinger. He offers us the vibratory model of matter where he says every electron is a particle but also it behaves like a wave – a stationary three-dimensional wave. A stationary wave is the one that happens when I tie a rope and I make it vibrate. Electrons behave in a similar way – as you can see here. [Slide] In the upper image this is a vibration of one electron at a minimum of energy level. In the second the frequency is double. And in the third picture the frequency is three times the one at the first level. And so on. So you can see our atoms are pure vibration, and continuously the electrons in our bodies are having a dialogue with energies around us. So you can think of an electromagnetic smog  – what is the effect of that, for example?

Let’s go on – let us talk a little bit about the Superstring Theory, because this theory tells us that every particle, instead of being just a particle, is like a rope that is oscillating, vibrating. As you can see on this slide, both the quark and the electron, if we had a very powerful microscope, instead of seeing them as small balls, it would be more like these vibrating cord. And actually in the universe all particles would be like this, rather than balls. And what differentiates one particle from another is the frequency of the vibration. But these cords are so small that up to now we have actually been unable to observe them. It is certain that in five or ten years (but this is very interesting because this theory tells us that we are in an eleven dimension universe). It was thought at the beginning that these additional dimensions were very very small. But right now there are other theories saying that this dimension may be as big as the one that we live in. So that would be a possible door opening to travel in space. It would be beautiful to observe the universe as a beautiful symphony of music, as Brian Greene said in The Elegant Universe, in the movie.

Up to now we have seen the ingredients – we have seen the particles and the vibration. Now we have to see the laws, the rules of this quantum world. It could be strange for us that an object may be in two places at the same time, or that we can believe in simultaneous life in parallel dimensions, but this is possible in quantum physics, because in quantum there is nothing impossible. There are many alternatives, many possibilities, and many times these possibilities collide with our reasoning faculties. But this is quantum physics and it just takes away all the beliefs that we have had up to now. It renews all our beliefs.

Let us see the first interesting principle: The Duality of Particle and Wave.

This can be seen in this experiment by Young. I will explain it very briefly. Here we have a source of light, and here we have a screen. And in between we have another screen with two small openings. When I am the observer at this screen waiting for light to come to me, I see a series of bright and dark interference lines. This means that light comes to me as a wave. As you may see the bright light means that both waves are superimposed one upon the other in a coherent way. So when the waves are in the same state of vibration they add to each other. On the other side on the dark part there is no light. What happened? The waves have destroyed each other. So we have this behavior like a wave, light behaves like a wave. This is what it shows. And now we go back to our experiment. But now we go back to our experiment and here is the absurdity, because if I observe from here, looking through these holes where the light is coming through, for instance with a particle detector, suddenly the light behaves as a particle, not a wave, and it appears as a quantum, a photon of light that interacts with me. And if I look past, this pattern of interference disappears. So this means that depending where the observer is placed, light can behave one way or the other. So the observer modifies the observed. This answers somebody’s question from yesterday.

Continuously in the quantum world the observer modifies the observed. It does not mean anything in the quantum world a reality where the observer is not taken into account. The observed and the unobserved is part of the same thing – we are all interconnected. And you have to know that the quantum state is everywhere – that is there is no limit to space and time. So we have to come to this multi-dimensional view of the universe.

So we have this first principle – the duality of the wave particle. (Wave–particle_duality – Wikipedia) It was given by Louis de Broglie, but the interesting thing is not only light has this double behaviour, any particle in the universe has this double behaviour. That’s what Louis de Broglie tells us. So what are we saying? That every particle of our body, every atom, every cell has its own frequency of vibration. We could even consider that the whole of the organism has a quantum whole that is characterized by a unique wave, or frequency. Each one of us has our own frequency of vibration, our own music. We are imitating our own music. And this is pure quantum physics, this is science.

Second principle:  [Slide] Pic: Werner Heisenberg – he looks very happy. That is 1927 – that is his head – he says:

“It is impossible to know at the same time the amount of movement of a particle and describe precisely its position. And we cannot know either precisely the amount of energy of a given system.”

I will give an example: Imagine Raphael Nadal, the tennis player. He is playing a tennis match with Djokovic; and he throws the ball and in this case you can know both the position of the ball and the speed of the ball. But in a quantum world, where atoms exchange electrons, you cannot know at the same time the position and the speed of every electron. The electron becomes a cloud of possibilities. And following this same principle we cannot know the quantum state of a given particle with full precision. The fact of observing the particle changes it. So we can say the observer determines at every moment the quantum reality, because the very fact of observing something does not allow us to know the state of a particle right before observing. So the observer and the observed become a part of the same one reality.

[Age represents plant consciousness – they are very small numbers (laughter) –very good observation, thank-you]

Lets go to the third principle – you are probably familiar with this: Schrödinger’s cat. (Schrödinger’s cat – Wikipedia)

Imagine at the beginning of this century, of this idea of the observer and the observed. One of the fathers of quantum physics proposed this experiment that would explain how the quantum world was so absurd. So the experiment is to put within a closed box a cat with a radioactive element and we close this box. We know there is a 50% chance that this atom may disintegrate or not. If the atom disintegrates the cat dies. If the atom does not disintegrate the cat stays alive. And that is the question. After an hour is the cat alive or dead? And most of you will say it depends on the atom whether it has disintegrated or not. But this is not so, for quantum physics says the cat is alive and dead at the same time. This may seem very absurd. It is true. Obviously quantum work we made no experiments with cats. We do experiments with subatomic particles, with the inhabitants of the quantum world – photons, electrons, protons. But we do know they are in multiple states, different states, at the same time. In fact this is the basis of quantum computing.

And here comes a very interesting question around quantum physics. What is it that makes, that when I open this box, I see the cat in there alive or dead. And now we have 4 possible interpretations: At this point we don’t know which of the proposals are right or wrong, and this is one of the mysteries of quantum physics. I will explain briefly all four interpretations. Following the Copenhagen Interpretation – The fact of opening the box and observing makes the cat choose to be dead or alive. So following this interpretation the act of observation is fundamental. Second interpretation is that of Multiple Universes by Everett. This means there are two universes – one with the cat alive and one with the cat dead. But we are only in one universe and we are only aware of one of these two universes, but the other one exists as well. Each one of us could be living in parallel realities in other worlds in other universes. Who knows? This could be one of the big mysteries of awareness.

The third principle is the principle that you will see in most of the books about physics, and it says that the simple fact of interacting with the particles around us makes the system make a decision and this is describing quantum physics as entering a state of de-coherence. And then we have another theory by David Bohm, and Eugene Wigner that says the most important thing is the consciousness of the researcher. Bohm says that there is a complex process of hidden variables that determine the election. These four interpretations are still on the table – they are being talked about. Maybe all four in their essence could be true.

The last principle – the principle of no locality. I will explain it to you in a brief and simple way. Probably many of you will be familiar with it. You take two electrons from a same element and you send it to different parts of the universe. This is the way I will explain it, but actually this experiment took place in a laboratory, and was done for the first time in 1982 by Alain Aspect in Paris. I will explain it symbolically so you may understand it. So we take these two electrons from the same element and we send it far away one from the other and we measure the state of rotation of the first electron. This rotation is called the spin of the electron, and we see that it is a spinner. Then we know the other electron, even though it is very far away at the other end of the universe, this single electron knows that the first electron has been observed with the spin up and so it takes the spin down. The interesting thing though is the first electron has not sent any particle of information to the second one. The transfer of relation is instantaneous – in the same moment, as if both particles were a reflection of something in another dimension.

Michio Kaku another author, explains it in a very beautiful way. I will say it in Spanish: and English people please leave it:

There is a cosmic “entanglement” between every atom of our body and atoms that are light-years distant. Since all matter came from a single explosion, the big bang, in some sense the atoms of our body are linked with some atoms on the other side of the universe in some kind of cosmic quantum web. Entangled particles are somewhat like twins still joined by an umbilical cord (their wave function) which can be light-years across.

So we are all connected, we are part of the same essence because we are all part of history. So we are all interconnected. But not only amongst us, but also with every other organism in our planet or in the Milky Way or any organism in any dimension.

So now we come to shape up what we could call the quantum paradigm. First thing we have already said that the quantum world is the world of absurdity where the rules are different and very strange things happen. So we have to allow in our mind things that are apparently impossible. We cannot say for certain that this is impossible. Magic has a place here. There is an infinity of possibilities within the quantum world, because we have it in our hand this world of infinite possibilities. Once more, the reality is an illusion. There is no single reality. There are many realities, uncomfortable realities. Man is an energy creature, and he lives within this ocean of energy, because we know that every molecule is a web of energy fields. There is a global network of interconnection within the universe instantaneously though the Zero Point Field (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_state). Once more, quantum state is everywhere at the same time, I can be everywhere at the same time. With this we have a new vision of the self and also of the cosmos. We are not only observers, but we participate in quantum reality. We are the architects of reality, because you have to know that the reality, our surroundings, is an extension of our state of awareness. So lets change our way of thinking. Let us change the way we act, the way we behave and the way we feel and we will change our reality, because this reality that we can see is not fixated there – we have created it. So if you change yourself the world will change. And within this coherence is a basic property. Coherence in the quantum world is very important.  And in quantum physics this is understood as when these waves add up one to the other. But what is it to be holistic? What does it mean to be coherent? Listen very carefully because this is very important. To be in the present, here and now, there is a saying:


The past is history

The future is a mystery

But today is a gift

That is why it is called Present.


  (Present and gift is the same word in Spanish.)

To have time and space to listen to each other, to put awareness in everything that we do, walking in the street, going in the subway, cooking our favourite dish, or bathing in the sunshine, following our own truth, giving space to creativity, meditate, we don’t need to do half an hour meditation every day – sometimes we can meditate in five minutes, in a very efficient way, and do small prayers, because this is the way to vocalize and materialize the reality that you want. Visualise, create your own world, create the world that you desire from the depth of your heart. Embrace life, and give the best of yourself in every moment. To hear our emotions and our mind and to our right to connect with our highest purpose, our higher self, our own divinity.


Lets go on – I have so much to say! [laughter]

Before we said we were beings of light, fields of energy. Now lets talk about the beams of light in ourselves, our cellular field of light. It is called the biophotonic field.


These are sentences by some scientists. They say to study like this is not enough to study the mechanics, to study the human being in an analytical way because the human being is a wholeness where this wholeness is bigger than the sum of the parts. And these characteristics appear because of the wave or the vibration side of matter.

What are the first studies of this biophotonic field?

It comes from Russia. In 1923 Alexander Gurwitsch observed that the cells and the tissues emit this radiation of light, very weak radiation of light. He gives it the name of mitogenetic radiation because it has a very important role in cellular mitosis. And also he is the father of the Morphogenetic Field. This is a concept that was later on given by Rupert Sheldrake with the morphic fields. Later on, in the second half of the 20th century, Fritz Albert Popp sees that our biophotonic field is coherent. This is very important, because in being coherent, every part of our organism is instantaneously connected, beyond the neural, chemical or electrochemical connections. These bioelectrical processes actually do happen, but there is another way of information which is instantaneous. Because this is due to another property – the coherence of any quantum system.  And Popp observes he sees this field of light that is all over our organism regulates the biochemical processes, morphogenetic processes, the regeneration processes, and also cellular reproduction processes. And the particles responsible for this are the biophotons.

Look! One biophoton is able to activate ten to the power of 9th (1000000000 ) reactions per second – and all of them simultaneously. And these for you as practitioners this is very important, because touching any part of the organism automatically every part is connected with whatever we are doing. These biophotons are visible, but they also take a part of the ultra-violet spectrum, and every biophoton transmits a different kind of information, and there are many different characteristics:  Corpuscular characteristics, like energy and momentum, wave characteristics like speed or frequency, the phase, the polarization, and so on. Quantum properties such as entanglement and no locality – an infinite universe.

This is very interesting because there is a lot of research going on now a days on the bio-photonic field, especially at the Academy of Science in Russia. They are the main fathers of this study together with the Germans. For instance, Herbert Fröhlich and Fritz Albert Popp, especially they have been researching these last 10 years. And they have been observing that the DNA continuously moulds the biophotonic field, because DNA is continuously capturing bits of information from their surroundings. It is taking bits of information from awareness, through the Zero Point Field. In a while we will see what the zero point field is. This is wonderful. Do you know why? Because with awareness, we can reprogram our DNA. Our language can reprogram DNA. Our state of awareness can reprogram the whole organism. We can hear just through our intention. Just focusing our awareness. And if it is with love and harmony, that is even better.

[A question from the audience re machines: – we will talk about it later. Lets go on with our explanation.]

What is the Zero-Point Field? It has many names. At first it was called the Quantum Void, then the Quantum Sea of Dirac, and the more modern name is the Zero Point Field. You have to know that it is the same thing, because in the books you will find it with different names. And why do they give it this name Zero Point? Because it is known that at zero Calvin degrees (which is the lowest temperature possible) we know that there is vibration there is energy at this zero temperature, and this is because of the existence of the Zero-Point Field. It is a potential field of infinite energy. From this comes the generators of free energy, which are all over the planet, but they still are not freely available to all citizens – to the interest of the elites in the world today. But you should know that this mechanism exists already. There is the possibility of capturing energy from this Zero-Point Field and have it available. And also it is a multidimensional information field. When energy or information is transmitted through scalar waves or torsion waves, but I will explain this now because it is the right time. This is just a very brief description, but if you want to go deeper you can see it in my books.

This field is very important it is what is called the ether. Even David Bohm says it is the implicate order where consciousness is assigned several parts. There is the kingdom of consciousness. And so we are interacting continuously with its Quantum Void, whether through consciousness or through the electrons in our organism. All the time we are in dialogue with this multidimensional level. Even the old Sanskrit scriptures talked about this field. I will read you four lines by Helena Blavatsky in “Unveiled Isis” – she explains how this information of the universe is captured in a very beautiful way. She says:

Not a leaf waves, not an insect crawls, not a ripple moves, but each motion is recorded by a thousand faithful scribes in infallible and indelible scripture. This is just as true of all past time. From the dawn of light upon this infant globe, when round its cradle the steamy curtains hung, to this moment, nature has been busy photographing everything. What a picture gallery is hers!

And so we can say that in our bioenergetic fields, there are different levels. First the basic level is the potential of the Zero-Point Field, the domain of subtle energies, the domain of consciousness. The consciousness itself affects the electromagnetic fields. Through the Aharonov-Bohm Effect, and through that it affects the coherence of the bio-electromagnetic fields. It has clear consequences in our physical and energetic way of being. This is very important because you see that consciousness affects instantaneously the state of our body, of our organism, and our health. And this connection also goes the other way, because everything affects simultaneously. So if I decide to take better care of my physical body,  purify my physical body, and at the same time purify my state of awareness so everything is interconnected. This is quantum physics.

All of this is not new – you already know it, because this was already known when we studied oriental philosophy and the energies. Oriental traditions already tell us that we have this energetic field made by energy and information. And the chakras are vortexes of subtle energies, each one with its names and qualities. The thing is these chakras are part of the Zero-Point Field. That is why they cannot be detected with instruments, because the Zero-Point Field cannot be detected directly, but it has an affect on matter. And if you are interested in this affect, you may look for information on The Casimir Effect or the Lamb Shift or the accelerated expansion of galaxies, which we will talk about at the end of this speech.

Here we have this slide:

[Lotus Slide]

It represents the energy dimension of the human being. This is the lotus flower. Where the roots represents the material life, and the stem entering the water represents the emotional life and the petals opening to the heavens represent the spiritual life.

And now finally in this 20 minutes that we have left, let us talk about the subtle energies that are present all over the cosmos, because we, ourselves are part of it.


This is a simulation of our Milky Way. We are approximately around here. Let us think that there are more than 100,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy, and we are only one extreme of the Milky Way. Rotating around the centre of the galaxy every 225,000,000 years. We go a bit further. Our Milky Way is part of the Local Group which more or less is made up of 30 galaxies, and if we go a bit beyond that we can see that these local groups are part of the Local Supercumulus which contains thousands of galaxies, and if we go on, we see that all of these is only one point of a bigger circle of the universe which extends to over 300 million light years, but our adventure does not finish here. We can see that all we can see from our telescopes is a spectrum of waves that is just a part of this – it is only a tiny piece of the “cake”, the white piece of the “cake”, but we also have these black holes in here. It is only 4% of everything. Where is the rest of the “cake”? We don’t even know. Scientists do not know this. It is a mystery. They say that in the universe there is 23% of dark matter, exotica dark matter – a type of matter that we don’t even know yet. The mysterious giant is the exotic energy. Following Einstein, that was the Cosmology Constant for him. And for him it was responsible for the accelerated expansion of galaxies, because it has an anti-gravitational effect.

But today there is not so much talk about this cosmological constant, but rather people are interested in the “Fifth Element” – the essential element. So our universe is a mystery. I said at the beginning that the CERN is trying to find out a bit more about this 96% that is still a mystery to us. And if we go a bit further, because we are not finished yet, according to Stephen Hawking, we are living in a multidimensional universe, as if we were moving on the surface of infinite bubbles, and we are part of all these dimensions. So we are multidimensional beings. And this gives us a multidimensional vision of our own existence.

And there, before finishing, I would like to talk a little bit about the galactic changes that are happening every so many years. Because it is so hot or so it seems, we are in a special moment in the history of cosmic evolution. Probably many of you have heard about 2012 [laughter] effect. I will talk briefly about these changes. You have to know as I said before, the system goes around the centre of the galaxy, every 225 million years. You have to understand all these processes have an effect on our being, and I am going to speak briefly about three cycles, related to the rotation of our planet. The first is the eccentricity, which means that a planet does not always rotate the same way around the sun. The orbit can change from more a round shape to more an elliptical shape. You can see it from here. This cycle is approximately 100,000 years. This would be the first movement. If you would want to go deeper with this you can look up “The Cycles of Milankovich”. The second cycle, the axis, is oscillating slightly, side to side, more or less every 40,000 years. And it goes from 22.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees.  At this point it is at 23.5 degrees. We have to take into account that the axis is changing. And the third movement is the precession of the planet. It means that the earth moves like a top, approximately every 25,800 years. And all this has consequences.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)

caminoWe shall see that very soon there will be a galactic alignment. It will reach its climax on the 21st of December this year. It seems there is going to be a special alignment of our solar system with the centre of the galaxy, and this undoubtedly will affect all the planets of the solar system. Once more, you have probably seen in the news that there are more solar storms at this time. Every time they are stronger and more intense. And there are more earthquakes and floods and this has an effect on the energetic state of every organism living on this planet because the magnetic field of the whole earth is getting weaker. This means that in our atmosphere there are more energetic particles coming in with a bigger intensity and frequency. And this means that these particles are affecting the whole of our bodies from the atom that has to vibrate at a higher frequency, for instance DNA will capture new codes of information, the cells have to absorb more light, and this has an effect on the whole organism. There will be very powerful affects both at the electromagnetic and gravitational levels. We will have to adapt to these levels. Some of these changes according to the quantum paradigm there will also be some important changes in our consciousness.  Actually these changes began at the beginning of the last century with these two theories that we talked about at the beginning of this talk: Quantum theory and Relativity Theory. Every time we are more sensitive, every time we are more aware of reality, in this case it is the consensus reality, and there we have an enormous responsibility. We have to do those things that make us feel good. We have to choose, and we have to leave aside “the luggage” that does not let us be in tune with our deeper wish and need. We are able to create the reality that we want in this precise moment. And we have this fundamental tool which is our consciousness. Every thought, we have to take care of our thoughts, to be aware of what we think at every moment because we are building reality through these thoughts. Be careful with our words, because words are very important. And this was known by the old Egyptians through their funerary rites. And actually what do we decide to do every moment? We have a great advantage, a great possibility these years, we can go much beyond what we were told was possible. But think that 2012 and 2013 are years of special opportunity because there is a change of light coming in. What every one of us does influences simultaneously everyone else. Just think that every one of us can change the course of humanity. Like Galadriel says in the Lord of the Rings, even the smallest person can change the course of the future. And become aware that this is already happening and it is the process of Ascension, where our physical bodies are a temple, where we live in love, unity and fraternity, where we create our own reality. We can create reality in any moment, when we connect with our highest purpose, which is our divinity.

[Slide] And this is us – infinite beings of light – we just need to believe it.

And in this sense I hope that I have given you a small quantum shift. This is the end of my speech.


Two things to finish: you can take a note of my web page – there are articles there, and before we leave, there will be four minutes of music to enable us to absorb all this information.

Let us close our eyes:

Music: Gladiator- Now we are free – Enya  youtube

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