From now on it is available in the store, this book : ‘The Quantum Dimension, From Quantum Physics & Cosmology to Consciousness‘. The book is an updated version of the original ‘La Dimensión Cuántica‘ first edited in 2005 that has been updated with recent data. All the pictures and graphics have been redesigned and optimised for the ebook format.

Cover of the book 'The Quantum Dimension, From Quantum Physics & Cosmology to Consciousness' by M. T. Versyp

Cover of the book ‘The Quantum Dimension, From Quantum Physics & Cosmology to Consciousness’ by M. T. Versyp


The book starts with a presentation and an introduction to the new paradigm, a different cosmovision to that to which we are used to, based on a pattern of ideas, beliefs and thoughts which lead  us to a holistic view of our own existance. The Quantum world, the tiniest particle of light, opens our minds to new and incredible concepts. The rules of this captivating land are laws which work beyond common sense and our daily experience, where we become particles and protagonists of the quantum scene.

The book is divided into six chapters:

 In Chapter 1, Light and Consciousness, I emphasize the dual nature of light, since this (wave/particle) duality is the starting point for the study of the mind and body. It is known that the Quantum Physics is a key pillar in the bridge that links  matter and consciousness, establishing a new dimension for the body and mind knowledge.

 Through Chapters 2 and 3, Atomic Structure and Elementary Particles and The Forces of Nature, the laws that rule the Cosmos, the subatomic world is investigated and we get a glimpse of its magic and mechanisms. From the four fundamental forces in nature (gravitational/electromagnetic/weak nuclear and strong nuclear) we can see a dynamic interaction thanks to the virtual particles, called the quantum messengers, which transmit the information and make up the quantum vacuum. In the quantum world there is no absolute vacuum, a sea of energy and information stretches through it where everything is connected to everything else in an indivisible weft. As David Bohm points out, there is an undeniable relationship between this energy sea and a higher dimension reality. In Appendix 1, The Zero-Point Field, this is dealt with in greater depth.

In Chapter 4, The Quantum Universe as a Hologram, I offer  a view of the universe as a hologram, in which each part contains the information of the whole. Everything is interconnected in the Universe, even ourselves as energy and multidimensional beings. I also consider the convergence points between Modern Physics and Mysticism.

In Chapter 5, The Kingdom of the Nebulae, a look towards infinity, we travel, from the opposed pole of the quantum world, the cosmological world, through the history of our Universe, from the Big-Bang to present times. I then explore the Profound Universe, inviting the reader to get to know our stellar metropolis. I explain some theories about the behavior and destiny of the Universe, and point out its multidimensionality. It is known that there are at least seven non-visible dimensions, as the Superstring Theory suggests.

Picture of the book The Quantum Dimension, that shows the total energy density of the Universe. © M. Teresa Versyp

Picture of the book The Quantum Dimension, that shows the total energy density of the Universe. © M. Teresa Versyp

In Chapter 6, The Hidden Quantum Universe, we look at both facets of the microscopic and the macroscopic world. In addition, we further investigate some fascinating enigmas such as the nature of the dark or invisible matter of the Universe (more than 95% of our Universe is unkown) and the final subdivision of matter. One of the major goals of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Geneve) is to get to know the exact nature of these ephemeral particles.

At the same time, we also see from bioenergetics the interconnection mechanisms between body and mind, covering the subtle invisible energies and going more deeply into the energy of the human body.

In the final Appendix, there are the main theories of unification in Physics, and at the end of the book there is a broad glossary, as well as footnotes and a list of illustrations.

Review of CuerpoMente magazine:

“A serious and brilliant book that links cosmology, quantum physics, consciousness, the energy body and spirituality…”

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