The Quantum Dimension, From Quantum Physics & Cosmology to Consciousness (eBook)


The Quantum Dimension guides us through the atomic and subatomic quantum  world arriving at the vast Universe that surrounds us, the cosmological world. On this adventure,  we find surprising parallelisms between the current discoveries of today’s physicists and the wisdom of long ago ages.

With a precise and modern tone the book establishes a link between Science and Consciousness. It  delves into the field of Physics where the Newtonian mechanicist approach of the universe gives place to another dimension, changing our view and conception of the “self”.

In this adventure of approaching the microscopic and macroscopic universe, it builds a bridge towards the energetic facet of the human being, because according to the Quantum Physics we are by nature energetic; in other words, we are matter and energy.

The laying out of the theory is accompanied, in a didactic way and with a reflective purpose for the reader by including complementary pictures and charts and poetic notations.

Formats available: ePub and azw3